Welwyn Hatfield Computer Club

Our Meeting Hall

Our new meeting hall is much larger than the one we had. It is spacious and light, we have a coffee/tea bar nearby, The new kitchen facilities have been completed and are now ready for use.

A new Start to the Welwyn Hatfield Computer Club.

The Club is situated within

‘The Ludwick Family Club.’

We are located at ‘The Ludwick Family Club’ within the Coffee Bar Hall.

We meet every 1st and 3rd Friday of each


Cost is £2.50 each Meeting night.

See our Policy Statement

Our AGM was held on 23rd September 2016, we have decided to fundamentally change the way the club is run. The roles of Secretary, Chairman and Treasurer no longer exist, these roles have been merged in to the one role of Organiser. We have also created the role of Deputy Organiser to fill in for and support the appointed Organiser as required. Mark White has been appointed to be the Organiser of the club. He will look after the club funds and the day to day running of the club, he will also be collecting the subs each meeting so no more hassle from Frank :-). Mike Stirling has been appointed the Deputy Organiser. We have changed when we hold our meetings. Meetings will now be held on the first and third Friday of every month excluding bank holidays. This will be starting from next meeting on the 7th October which happens to be the first Friday of the month. Our subscription fees are also changing. The nightly fee for members remains at £2.50. The nightly fee for non members is £5. The annual subscription to become a member is now £20. The nightly fee for new visitors will be £2.50 for the first two meetings, they then have the option of becoming a member or paying the non member fee for any subsequent meetings. Annual subs of £20 are now due so I'll be looking to collect these over the next few meetings. Payment can be made by cash, cheque or bank transfer. Going forward we no longer have to hold an AGM although I still plan to do an more informal annual review meeting. This will be to assess the financial state of the club and to make sure everyone is still happy with me running it. Let me know if you have any queries. I plan to do a very quick run through of everything next meeting and cover anything left over from the AGM. Mark