Welwyn Hatfield Computer Club

The WHCC Publicity Manager.


To contact Roger please email him at - publicity@whcc.co.uk

A strong part of the Club philosophy is to encourage hands on experience and to aid people with IT issues. The Club also has a great deal of expertise amongst its members. The Committee has therefore decided under the present Coronavirus restrictions to make the best use of our expertise by organising a confrence call on Skype.

The Confrence calls will be: Every 1st and 3rd Friday @ 19:30…… under the heading of

WHCC Meet.

Skype confrence calls are being organised these will be usually be a technical discussion

with a theme or a chance for people to show and discuss any projects they have been

working on. Any suggestions are welcome. Out of interest has anyone looked into live

streaming or similar where we can all see someone's screen? I know Skype has some of this

functionality but I wonder if there is something better out there.

All other Fridays @ 19:30 ………….. under the heading of

WHCC Social

This will be a drop in if anyone just fancies a chat or catchup about their week. Topics can be

anything you fancy computer related or not. The Skype link remains the same for All sessions


Once you are part of the Skype group of which you become a part by following the link above you should be able to see the meetings scheduled in if you're unsure which Friday we're on.