LibreOffice is a free, open source, full featured office suite that can open and save Microsoft Office formats.
Firefox is a free, popular, open source web browser with thousands of extensions available such as ad blockers. It is more secure than Internet Explorer which is the default browser you get with Windows. When you install Firefox you can choose to import all your bookmarks from Internet Explorer.
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Hints / Tips

Hints / Tips

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Virus Issues. There have been numerous reports of a Pop up suggesting that your system has been scanned and illeagal data/Activity has been found, you are then asked to pay £100 via PayPoint to “UK POLICE”. This is not only a scam but your computer is more than likely going to be infected with keyboard loggers which in turn will copy all your personal emails - passwords and back data. So be warned. Unable to Log into Windows. You may have just tried switching on your Pc and found that you have a Profile error. Do not despair Follow the below Instructions and all will be fine. 1. Turn off the PC. 2. Switch on your Pc and as you do so hit the F8 key, just tap it every couple of seconds(the F8 key). 3. You will be presented with a list of Options. 4. Select Repair my computer. 5. from the list that appears Select restore my Pc to an earlier time(last Known good Configuration). 6. You will be offered a list of dates that you can restore to. Look for a date that is before you had your problem. If you cannot see a date that is correct for you, there is a small tick box in the bottom Left hand corner, select that and Click Ok/Continue. The Next screen will show you more dates, just Select the date prior to your crash and follow the on screen instructions. 7. This may take a while so be Patient.
Google Chrome is another free browser worth trying.