Welwyn Hatfield Computer Club
Coronavirus This email was sent by mark 19/3/20 - 12:40
In light of the more stringent guidelines around cornonavirus I have decided to cancel tomorrow's meeting. The Ludwick Centre will also be closed from tomorrow for the foreseeable future. They are cancelling all bookings until mid April and will reassess the situation then. If you do have any queries let me know and do all keep in touch.
Please read all available advice from the above links, do not go with any other advice seen on social media. Keep safe and calm, Do not go hoarding items as there is plenty to go arround.. Help your neighbours and elderly where you can.
Tips from the World Health Organization:
Wash your hands frequently.
Avoid touching your face.
Sneeze and cough into a tissue or your elbow.
Avoid crowds and standing near others.
Stay home if you think you might be sick.
When in doubt consult with a healthcare professional.