Parish registers, wills & census returns etc. Held by Maidstone, Strood & Canterbury CRO's have been searched & data from these documents used
Micro-fiche published by KFHS. Have been thoroughly checked & data extracted to add to this Family History
East of London FHS Their Transcription of the London Docklands Baptism Records to CD and data from them used
The Indexes in St. Catherine's House
(now the FRC)
Were searched & certificates purchased as necessary
The International Genealogical Index (IGI) Has been used & Information found therein has been used after checking with original sources.
Mary Wigan of Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex  Has extensively researched the Newenden Bishop's who originated from Sutton Valence.
Mary decided to write her "story" of the Sutton Valence & Hunton Bishop's. This Mary completed in July 2001. A copy of this book is held by John Bishop. He cooperated with Mary and gave her his proofs of the Hunton link. John also helped  to check the 600 or so pages of Mary's book.
Dr. E. Church of the KFHS Sent much of the data he had to Mary Wigan regarding the Hunton Bishop's, encouraging Mary to look at their lineage.
John Bishop of Kenley, Surrey. Researched the Tenterden Bishop's & eventually linked them with the Hunton Bishop's
Valerie Domeneghetti of Leicester Became interested in the Hunton Bishop's, Valerie has done extensive research on the Maidstone branch of the Sutton Valence Bishop's.
Betsy Innes-Smith of Derby Gave much information on her father, Bertram John Lamb & loaned precious old photos for them to be copied.
The Daily Mirror Sent the obituary published for B. J. Lamb.
Noelle Hunt of Hemel Hempstead Has sent much information on her Lamb relatives & old photos for copying.
The Rev, John Lamb of Singleton, West Sussex Has given valuable information regarding his Lineage.
Judith Gilbert of Reading Has thoroughly researched the Neville Families of Kent. John Bishop was able to add the Addington Neville's to Judith's tree.
Robert Bailey (Deceased) of America Liaised with Judith Gilbert in the early research.
Lyn Boyes of NSW Australia Has sent Valuable information on the Neville families who emigrated.
Stewart Neville of South Africa Has sent valuable information on his Neville family who emigrated.
Emma Saunders For her help in connecting the Higley family together.
Martin H. S. Higley (Deceased) For his help in providing valuable data regarding Albert Charles Higley.
Sue Flannigan - Cyprus For her help in the Lamb - Buttle Connections
Ian Collins For his help in connecting the Higley line to the Hugenot's ( Galliers/Galiegue )
Jane Bryan & Suzie Chittleborough For their help in providing further data on the Bishop's of 1721
Jocelyn Bond For her help in the Galiegue - Card Connections
Mike Terry (America) & Richard Kennett (Canada) For their help in connecting the Terry, Kennett lines into the Bishop Tree, and for allowing me to publish - The Romney Marsh Doctor - Document
Dave Mills For the help in connecting the Mills family together
Catherine Templeman For her help in connecting into the Galiegue line
Katherine Kneuss of Australia Has sent valuable information on the Bishop Families who emigrated
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